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UX Book Club Switzerland Review: “Mobile First”

mobilefirstbookThe first UX Book Club Switzerland in 2012 took place in the new office of Ginetta in Zürich. Usually about 6 people attend one meeting. This time, there were 18 people attending - a new record! A lot of new people joined the book club. Whether it was due of the new platform we used ( or due to pure coincidence is not clear.

We discussed the book “Mobile First” by Luke Wroblewski. Because we we were so many people, we split into 2 groups. I think this was a good idea, because discussion is easier when you are not too many people, but still we had enough diversity in each group. E.g. in my group there were Frontend Engineers, Art Directors and Usability Consultants. This diversity is very important, because it guarantees new perspectives, which you may didn’t get when you were reading the book.


Here some take-aways from the discussion:

  • Some members told us about their experience with the method “Mobile First”. One experience was that it can still be hard for the customer to prioritize, even with “Mobile First”. But it can also happen that a customer suddenly wants to do a mobile site, even if it has not been planned in advance.
  • The book could give more guidelines how to handle a “Mobile First” project. E.g. with an example-project.
  • Want more best practices for mobile development? The iOS Human Interface Guidelines are a good starting point.
  • The difference between Web Apps and Native Apps will blur more and more in the future. Functionality like camera-access will be accessible from websites and look and feel will become similar. Today, some web-apps have an iPhone-Style and other have an Android-Style. But Twitter and Facebook are good examples how style across mobile platforms and the web will be harmonized.

Does the concept of the UX Book Club sound cool to you? Join our next meeting. It’s fun!

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