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by Andreas Bossard

Product development without usability testing is like…

Analogy 1 by Reto Lämmler:

…if a pilot (development company) and co-pilot (client company) would want to land a plane (project) in fog without a radar (usability tests). The co-pilot trusts that the pilot will land the plane savely, but the risk will be reduced by using a radar.

Analogy 2 by Dagmar Muth:

… if you buy normal vegetables (product without usability tests) instead of organic vegetables (product with usability tests). It’s cheaper, but you don’t know with what kind of unhealthy stuff it has been sprayed and mostly it doesn’t have that delicate taste that organic food has.

Both have been mentioned at the last UX-Chuchi. I thought it would be great to share them. Maybe they will help you to sell usability testing to a client…

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